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Flow Instruments

Flow Measurement refers to the process of measuring linear or nonlinear mass or volumetric flow of particular fluids in your plant, which can be measured through a variety of different devices including Flow Meters.

Why Buy Flow Meters From AxFlow

AxFlow are experts in Fluid handling with over 50 years of experience. The MS-6 flow meter is suitable for aggressive and corrosive chemicals. The wetted parts made of PVDF and PEEK guarantee maximum chemical resistance. Our Flow meters will ensure highly precise mass flow measurement.

Process Optimisation: By giving useful information on flow rates, pressures, and system performance, flow meters aid in the optimisation of pump operation. The efficiency of the entire process can be improved by adjusting pump speeds, optimising energy use, and using this knowledge.

Leak Detection: Flow metres are capable of identifying sudden changes in flow that might be signs of system leakage. Early leak identification lessens the possibility of environmental dangers, downtime, and waste.

Accurate Flow Measurement: Flow meters give accurate, real-time measurements of fluid flow rates, enabling precise control and monitoring of the pumping procedure. By ensuring that the desired flow rate is reached, overflows, underflows, and potential equipment damage are avoided.

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