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Homogenizers are used to reduce variations in two heterogeneous substances, make them uniformly consistent and to reduce separation after mixing.

Why buy homogenisers from AxFlow 

APV homogenisers bring a steady repeatability to a process that can be depended upon. With the APV product portfolio, SPX Flow offer a wide range of homogenisers covering laboratory applications, pilot plant machines through to large scale production homogenisers. Their Rannie and Gaulin brands have been synonymous with homogenisation for 100 years - are relied upon by the world's leading manufacturers across the Dairy, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, chemical and the Biotech sectors.

How do homogenisers work 

Typically homogenisers are used to create emulsions, for optimal dispersion of one liquid within another and cell disruption at molecular level. The art of homogenisation goes beyond simply mixing liquids – the quality of the homogenisation is measured by any of these attributes; uniformity of particle size, evenness of particle distribution, viscosity control, extended shelf stability of the final product, the smoothness in texture and taste, or enhanced colour.

The Rannie and Gaulin technologies offer a large selection of features, build options, materials and multiple homogenising valve technologies. Combined this with extensive experience across all industries, and SPX Flow has the ability to deliver customised homogenisers specific to the customer's application. All APV homogenisers are 3A approved, comply with EN1935:2004 and are CE marked. If required, they can be supplied with FDA approved packing.

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