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Widely used Flexible Impeller Pumps 

Where can Liverani Pumps be used

Liverani pumps are widely used in food processing (beer, fruit juice and pulp, honey, liquid sugar, syrups, glucose, milk, yogarts, liquid eggs, tomatoes, etc) In the Chemical industry (startch, emulsions, glycerine, wax, detergents, rubber latex, opaints and inks, etc). Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical production (liquid soap, lotions, cream, shampoo, etc).

Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pumps:

Stainless steel low-speed rotary pumps with flexible impellers; are particularly suitable for the transfer of delicate, fragile and viscous fluids, together with solids in suspension.

What Makes Liverani Special

Liverani, born in the 1950s manufactures and exports their pumps globally. All of their products are produced to CE standards with the use of high quality materials and technology; allowing for excellent performance along with extremely simple use and maintenance.

PD Pumps Team