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Screw Pumps

Screw Pumps

Hygienic screw pumps


The Waukesha Universal TS range is a new and innovative positive displacement twin screw pump for hygienic applications. This precision pump offers a gentle flow and the ability to pump both product and CIP therefore reducing overall process costs considerably.

Advantages of screw pumps

  • A simple design  makes it heavy duty with minimal wear making it last years without trouble.
  • Smooth handling, operating a range of flows and pressures.
  • Versatility with ability to pump at a range of flow rates, pressures, liquid types and viscosities
  • Self-priming characteristics
  • High tolerance for entrained gases or air

Typical applications for screw pumps

Screw pumps tend to be useful in a variety of applications, which include fuel-injection, oil burners, boosting, hydraulics, fuel, lubrication, circulating, feed, and to pump high-pressure viscous fluids in offshore and marine installations. 

Most multiple-screw pump designs are self-priming and are able to effectively work with low suction pressure. They also tend to be gas tolerant and are able to handle free and entrained gases without vapor locking. Low internal fluid velocity and the gentle meshing of the rotors also contribute to low shear rates, which is especially important for sheer-sensitive emulsions.

How twin screw pumps work

How to select Screw pumps

How to maintain Screw pumps



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