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Abaque® Series peristaltic hose pumps, a PSG brand, can handle your toughest applications - everything from extremely abrasive and particle-bearing suspensions to shear-sensitive and viscous liquids.


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Abaque™ stands as a forefront manufacturer of peristaltic (hose) pumps, showcasing unparalleled expertise in transferring challenging chemicals and fluids across a wide spectrum of applications. With over two decades of experience, Abaque™ pumps excel in the most demanding environments, including mining, water treatment, energy, and chemical processing. Based in Auxerre, France, Abaque™ is a proud member of PSG®, a Dover company, emphasizing precision, durability, and innovation. 

At the core of Abaque™'s success lies its Peristaltic Hose Pump, designed to handle the toughest pumping challenges. From abrasive and aggressive to shear-sensitive and viscous fluids, Abaque™ pumps deliver exceptional performance. The pumps operate at pressures up to 16 bars (232 psi) and offer a seals-free design, ensuring reliability even in abrasive products containing suspended particles. 


The heart of Abaque™ pumps is its hoses, meticulously crafted for efficiency, accuracy, and longevity. These hoses, made from high-quality compounded rubber and reinforced with layers of nylon, are available in these robust materials: 

  • Natural Rubber: Highly resilient with excellent abrasion resistance and strength. 
  • Buna (NBR): Exceptionally wear-resistant, especially with oily products. 
  • Buna (NBR) FDA: Ideal for hygienic applications, FDA approved. 
  • EPDM: Offers high chemical resistance, particularly with concentrated acids, alcohols, and ketones. 
  • Hypalon®: Exhibits superior resistance to oxidants, concentrated bases, and acids. 


Abaque™ Series pumps, available in 13 different sizes with flow rates from 15-77,000 L/hr (0.07-339 gpm), are complemented by a range of cutting-edge accessories: 

  • Discharge Pulsation Dampener: Effectively eliminates up to 95% of discharge pulsations, safeguarding the pump, pipelines, and instrumentation while reducing vibration and noise levels. 
  • Hose Puncture Detector: Ensures pump safety by detecting abnormal liquid level rise, stopping the pump in case of hose failure. 
  • Vacuum Kit: Creates a vacuum, enabling the handling of higher viscosities, greater suction lifts, or enhanced flow rates for specific viscosities. 
  • Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD): Enhances flexibility and energy efficiency by adjusting the motor’s speed to match the desired performance, optimizing pump operation. 
  • ATEX - Zone 1 & Zone 2: Customizable pump units designed to meet certifications like FDA and ATEX compliance, ensuring operational safety and regulatory adherence. 

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