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SERO PumpSystems

SERO PumpSystems is the world’s only exclusive manufacturer of side channel pumps. Their first side channel pump patent dates back to 1929.


Since 1929, SERO has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of side channel pumps, with its headquarters situated in Germany. Serving a diverse range of industries, the company has been based in Meckesheim since 1959, offering a comprehensive selection of self-priming centrifugal pumps that caters to the essential fluid needs of various sectors. 

From handling liquefied Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at -60ºC to pumping condensates at +220ºC, SERO distinguishes itself for its efficiency in transferring liquids near their boiling points. The company also boasts resistance to cavitation under varying vapor pressures, attributed to the uninterrupted flow during partial degassing. 

SERO PumpSystems, headquartered in Germany, holds the exclusive title of being the world's sole manufacturer dedicated to side channel pumps. Pioneering the industrial pump industry since the issuance of their first side channel pump patent in 1929, SERO continues to lead in design and technology, specializing in individually configured pumping systems. 

To cater to the expanding North American market, SERO PumpSystems, Inc. was established in late 2006, with its headquarters and spare parts distribution center located in Stafford, southwest Houston, TX. Sales and service activities are managed through a dedicated network of experienced industrial pump distributors. For information on how SERO PumpSystems can address challenging pumping conditions, individuals are encouraged to reach out to one of the distributor partners or contact SERO headquarters. Interested parties are thanked for their interest in SERO PumpSystems' side channel pumps! 


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