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Turbine Pumps

Turbine Pumps

Peripheral turbine pumps or generative turbine pumps

Advantages of turbine pumps

  • Good with low flow high head applications when centrifugal pumps aren't suitable.
  • Can withstand pressures up to 200 bar.
  • Will pump 20% entrained gases.
  • Can handle temperatures up to 300 oC.

Typical applications for turbine pumps 

Although less well known than other pump types turbine pumps have been in use for decades usually for pumping water at very high heads, with low flows but their use is much more widespread. They can be found cooling all manner of equipment from x-ray machines to VSD assemblies, CIP duties, the transfer of small flows over long distances, as tanker off-loading pumps, vapour recovery systems, filter systems where higher pressures are encountered, spray bar applications, soda re-circulation in many fast food outlets, shower booster pumps, LPG distribution the list is almost endless. So, too are the industries in which turbine pumps can be found including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food production and food dispense, medical, laboratory, military, nuclear generation and general chemical.


AxFlow  UK offers 4 ranges of magnetically coupled regenerative turbine pumps manufactured by Gruppo Aturia.  Our peripheral turbine pumps are manufactured in Polypropylene, PVDF,  stainless steel, Duplex Super Duplex, Hastelloy and Titanium with a self-priming version of the plastic PTM range also available.  API 685 versions of the STM and SDTM ranges can be constructed.

How Turbine pumps work

How to select Turbine pumps

How to maintain Turbine pumps

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