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Solids Ladened Liquids

We offer both centrifugal pumps and many different types of positive displacement pumps for liquids with solids across the UK.

Axflow has a range of different pump technologies for liquids that contain solids.  Here are some specific applications that we specialise in:


 Hayward Gordon recessed impeller pumps  solid handling pumps,  can pass solids up to 250 mm in diameter. 

Realax hose pumps are extremely good at handling liquids with solids and with the right hose material can withstand high levels of abrasion so as a result find widespread us within the mining and mineral industries.

Our Waukesha circumferential piston pumps are possibily the best pump technology for handling fluids with soft and delicate solids.  With both EHEDG and 3-A certified designs they are ideal for food and beverage applications.

Wilden AODD pumps can not only handle solids but are also self priming and can run dry.

Our LB rotary lobe pumps from Boyser are idea for transferring sludges and slurries with a high soft solids content.


Centrifugal Recessed Impeller  250 mm
Centrifugal Scew  300 mm
Peristaltic Hose 100 mm
Circumferential Piston   100 mm
AODD 75 mm
Rotary Lobe  50 mm












There are many different types of solids and pumping applications that involve liquids with solids.  Here are a few that we specilaise in.

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