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Blue-White peristaltic dosing pumps and diaphragm dosing pumps meet the demanding requirements of precise dosing. AxFlow UK stocks a number of Blue-White pumps


Blue white industries are an American manufacture founded in 1957 and is a market leader for metering, dosing peristaltic and diaphragm pumps, within the chemical and water industries. AxFlow GB stocks a range of peristaltic pumps and flow meters. 

The compact Blue-White pro series- M hose dosing pump are widely used in chemical and water waste treatment industries. They are very accurate and so are extremely suitable for the dosing and injection of aggressive and viscous chemical.

The pump design ensures that the pump is self-priming. A maintained output of the pump, optimizes tool life and therefore a longer hose life. The “tube fail detection” is patented, and the pump will immediately stop if the hose breaks, the roller acts as a shut-off valve so that no harmful liquid will leak.   

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Dosing and Metering

The definition of dosing or metering varies from industry to industry as different applications require different levels of accuracy and flow.

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Blue- White tube materials

Blue-White are leaders in peristaltic pumps and diaphragm dosing pumps. 

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