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Thermal Service Fluids

Beacuse of our wide range of pump types we can cope with temperatures that range from -50oC upto 450oC.


Specific thermal service applications:

Our Wilden AOD pumps offer a cost effective and proven solution to pump liquids up to 176 oC, while our Almatec pumps over very high levels of product containment.

Or centrifugal pump portfolio contains many ranges suitable for use as high temperature pumps. This includes magnetic drive pumps, ISO pumps, canned pumps we can pump liquids with temperatures up to 450 oC.


Our range of ECP pumps from Waukesha can handle liquids up to 176 oC.

Most or our OBL and Pulsafeeder metering pumps can be constructed from a range of heat resistant materials and several can withstand temperatures of up to 370 oC.

We have three ranges of heat resistant vane pumps: SNP, SVM and P Series.


Our STM range of turbine process pumps can pump liquids with temperatures up to 300 oC.

We have three ranges of metallic gear pumps which can handle temperatures of up to 260 oC

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