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Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm pumps are a type of positive displacement pump which consists of two pumping chambers that are alternately filled and discharged by the movement of flexible diaphragms. Compressed air is alternately fed to, and vented from, air chambers on the opposite sides of the diaphragms to create the pumping action.     



AxFlow is one of the leading UK suppliers of AODD pumps with over 50 years of experience. AxFlow UK has a wide range of Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps from Wilden and Almatec.

Air Operated double diaphragm pumps are widely used for their simple, portable construction and their ability to dry prime, and handle solids.

Air Operated Diaphragm pumps are employed in a host of fluid transfer applications ranging from circulation duties in cleanroom environments to sludge pumping. AOD Pumps are intrinsically safe by design, offering a wide range of material and elastomer options. 

Advantages of AODD Pumps

  • Are able to run dry for a period of time without damaging costly internal parts.
  • Easy to use with a simple design.  
  • Versatility and the ability to handle a range of viscosities.

Typical applications for AODD pumps

AODD pumps also known as air operated diaphragm pumps, tend to be versatile and find applications in a wide range of industries due to their ability to handle various types of fluids and challenging operating conditions. Here are some common areas where diaphragm pumps can be used:

  • Chemical Industry:  Diaphragm pumps tend to be utitlised to transfer and handle a range of chemicals, which includes corrosive and abrasive fluids. They are highly regarded for their ability to handle aggressive substances while maintaining a seal between the fluid and the environment.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: In the pharmaceutical sector, an AOD pump is employed for transferring sensitive and sterile fluids, including pharmaceutical ingredients, solvents, and purified water, while minimizing the risk of contamination.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Pneumatic diaphragm pumps are used for transferring food products like sauces, syrups, viscous liquids, and beverages. Their hygienic design and capability to handle a wide range of viscosities make them suitable for these applications.

  • Wastewater Treatment: AOD pumps can handle sludges, slurries, and chemicals in wastewater treatment processes, including dewatering, sludge transfer, and chemical dosing.

  • Paints and Coatings: Air operated diaphragm pumps are employed for transferring paints, coatings, and adhesives due to their ability to handle viscous materials and to provide consistent flow rates.

  • Oil and Gas: AODD pumps find application in the oil and gas sector for transferring crude oil, chemicals, and drilling fluids. Their air-driven operation is advantageous in hazardous or explosive environments.

  • Agriculture: Air operated double diaphragm pump are used for transferring agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides in farming applications.

  • Marine Industry: Air operated diaphragm pumps can be useful in the marine industry for transferring bilge water, chemicals, and waste fluids.

In summary, the versatility, reliability, and ability to handle a wide range of fluids and conditions make air operated double diaphragm pumps a valuable tool in many industries where other pump types might struggle, and are utilised for transfer applications, with the ability to handle a range of material such as sludges, slurries, abrasive and shear sensitive fluids. Although they are robust, reliable and easy to maintain they tend to be relatively noisy, prone to icing, and are limited to low pressure applications.

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