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Sensitive and Viscous Fluids

AxFlow are UK specialists in pumping sensitive and viscous fluids

The best type of pump for sensitive and viscous fluids is normally a positive displacement pump. AxFlow are the UK's leading supplier of positive displacement pumps which will allow us to offer you the most suitable pump for the job.

Here are some of the most common sensitive and viscous liquids

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Food Grade Peristaltic pumps

Food grade tube and hose pumps

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Food Grade AODD Pumps

AxFlow offers a range of AODD pumps for sanitary and hygienic applications

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Food Grade Eccentric Disc Pumps

AxFlow UK offers several ranges of food grade eccentric disc pumps.

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Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pumps

sanitary and hygienic rotary lobe and external circumferential piston pumps.

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Viscosity Measurement

Using this our rheometer AxFlow can measure the viscosity of a liquid and produce a plot of a fluid's viscosity against various shear rates, shear stress and temperatures.

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