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Bungartz pumps are amongst the most innovative in the world

Bungartz are a specialist pump manufacturer who developed the Hydrodynamic/expeller sealing principal. Now better known for the AN range of self regulation pumps which eliminate need for level control instrumentation and can solve problems with applications with very poor suction conditions/low NPSHA.

Typical Applications:
Condensate extraction, vacuum filter discharges, Hot/Cold/weak and strong acids, salt manufacturing, slurries, single/dual/triple phase media, gas laden liquids, top and bottom road/rail tanker offloading.

Horizontal, Vertical, Cantilever shaft, Wet and dry well, Axial flow Hydrodynamic/mechanical seal/seal-less gland arrangements.

Flows to 1500 m3/hr, heads to 140m, temperatures to 300 degC, pressures to 40BarG.

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