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External Gear Pumps

External Gear Pumps

Why use External Gear Pumps? The external gear pump is the ultimate solution for high pressure pumping.

13 series from 3 manufacturers

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Why buy external gear pumps from axflow

AxFlow supply external gear pumps from a range of different manufactures such as Slack & Parr, Pulsafeeder and Pompe Cucchi, enabling our customers to have a wide range of choices in order to ensure the optimum efficiency of your pumping applications.

Benefits of using external gear pumps

External gear pumps provide a range of benefits which prompt them to be useful in a variety of puimping applications.

Their simple yet durable engineering enables them to be highly reliable. Their smooth flow allows for consistent fluid handling, thus rendering external gear pumps useful for processes which require metering and controlled flow rates. As well as this an external gear pump is also highly effective at handling a variety of different fluid viscosities allowing them to be utilised in a range of different processes and industries such as the oil and gas sector, chemical processing and many more.

External gear pumps also have a self-priming capability allowing them to run dry and also contributing towards low noise levels. 

When to use External Gear pumps

External gear pumps have various applications across a range of industries as a result of their efficiency, reliability, and general ability to handle a variety of fluids:

  • Lubrication Systems: External gear pumps are widely used in machinery and equipment for lubrication purposes. They efficiently transfer lubricating oils and fluids to different components, ensuring smooth operation and reducing friction, wear, and tear.

  • Fuel Transfer: External gear pumps are widely utilised in fuel transfer applications, such as in automotive fuel systems, fuel dispensing stations, and fuel supply to engines and generators. Their ability to handle various fuels renders them suitable for a range of fuel transfer needs.

  • Chemical Transfer and Processing: An exeternal gear pump is brilliant at transferring a range of chemicals in industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and chemical processing. Their precise flow control and compatibility with a wide range of fluids make them valuable assets for chemical transfer and processing applications.

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