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Wilden by PSG

AxFlow are the official distributor for Wilden pumps in the UK and hold over £ 200k of Wilden pumps and spares all available on a next day delivery. 

Wilden Pump Pro-Flo SHIFT

Wilden Pro-Flo® SHIFT Series pumps set the standard for AODD pump performance, providing increased energy savings and higher flow rates when compared to many competitor pumps.

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Wilden Pump Pro-Flo

As the industry's workhorse, the Wilden Pro-Flo® Series combines elegant simplicity with robust and reliable performance that end users have come to depend on for more than 20 years.

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Same Day Wilden Pump Spares and Pumps

AxFlow stock over 15,000 items of Wilden spares and replacement Wilden pumps in the UK

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Wilden Pump Repair Service

AxFlow offer a professional and documented Wilden Pump Repair Service that only uses original Wilden spare parts.

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Wilden Pump Diaphragms

Wilden offers the largest breadth of pump diaphragm shapes, sizes and material offerings in the industry.

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AxFlow are the exclusive Wilden pump distrubutor in the UK. Wilden are the orginators of the Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump and have remained the world leaders ever since. How AOD/AODD pumps work. 

Why buy Wilden pumps from AxFlow

  • AxFlow hold by far the largest stocks of Wilden pumps and Wilden spares in the UK. Available on a 24 hour delivery.
  • AxFlow offers the lowest prices for Wilden pumps in the UK.
  • AxFlow have over 50 years of experience of Wilden pumps.
  • As the only official Wilden distributor so we only use genuine parts to allow you to maintain your warranty and ATEX certification.

The Wilden pump accessories enhance and protect your liquid process as well as add value to it. Whether you need a surge dampener to minimize pressure fluctuation, or an electronic controller to automate your pumping process, these accessories allow your Wilden pumps to easily adapt to your specific application environment. 

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Wilden Pump Range Summary

  PP PVDF Alum Cast Iron SS ATEX FDA 3-A    EHEDG Max Solid Size mm Flow m3/hr Max Pressure
Wilden Plastic Clamped               12.7 50 8 bar
Wilden Plastic Bolted               12.7 50 8 bar
Wilden Metal Clamped       12.7 63 8 bar
Wilden Metal Bolted       12.7 50 8 bar
Wilden High Pressure               6.4 17 20 bar
Wilden Velocity             1.6 3.8 6.9 bar
Wilden Saniflo FDA           9.5 48 8 bar
Wilden Saniflo HS         9.5 55 8 bar
Wilden Stallion         25 53 8.6 bar
Wilden Brahma             76 52 8 bar


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Wilden Saniflo Pumps

FDA approved AODD pumps flows to 48 m3/hr and pressures to 8 bar

Wilden P4 Saniflo FDA Metal Pump

Wilden P4 Saniflo FDA Metal Pump

Capacity 330 l/min
Pressure 8.6 bar

Wilden P1 Saniflo FDA Metal Pump

Wilden P1 Saniflo FDA Metal Pump

Capacity 58.7 l/min
Pressure 6.5 bar

Wilden PS1 Saniflo FDA Original Metal Pump

Wilden PS1 Saniflo FDA Original Metal Pump

Capacity 60.2 l/min
Pressure 6.5 bar

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Wilden Clamped Plastic Pumps

General purpose, clamp banded, plasticAODD pumps flows up to 63 m3/hr and pressures of 8 bar



Wilden P4/PPAPP/WFS/WF/PTV Plastic Clamped Pump

Wilden P4/PPAPP/WFS/WF/PTV Plastic Clamped Pump



Capacity 18.2 l/min
Pressure 8.6 bar

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Wilden Bolted Plastic Pumps

Plastic AODD pumps for flows up to 50 m3/hr and 8 bar

Wilden P25 Bolted Plastic


Capacity 16.7 l/min
Pressure 8.6 bar

Wilden P25 Bolted Plastic


Pressure 8.6 bar

Wilden P100 Bolted Plastic

Wilden P100/KKPPP/BNS/BN/KTV/0014 Plastic Bolted Pump

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