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Circumferential Piston Pumps

Circumferential Piston Pumps

Highly precision rotary lobe type pumps

6 series from 1 manufacturers

The Waukesha external circumferential piston pump (ECP) design, is superior to the typical lobe pump design as the long sealing path of the winged rotors reduce slippage and offers gentle handling of particulates. They also perform better with liquids which require gentle handling, low viscosity, and high viscosity or contain abrasives. 

Advantages of Circumferential pumps 

  • Increased priming capabilities.
  • Very Sensitive and smooth pumping action.
  • A large fluid cavity allows pumps to handle abrasive liquids and large solids.

External Circumferential Piston (ECP) pumps are the next evolutionary step from rotary lobe pumps and offer a more precise, dependable and gentler pumping action along with higher performance capabilities.


Advantages of External Circumferential Piston Pumps:

The long sealing path reduces slippage and produces a smooth flow of product without destructive pulses or pressure peaks, and without valves or complex parts.

The wide orifices and large fluid cavity allow ECP pumps to handle large solids and abrasive liquids. The combination of these features means that ECP pumps offer a gentle pumping action with reduced risks of burning sensitive liquids.

ECP pumps have timing gears that are locked with key & keyways as are the rotors which eliminates the risk of timing gears slipping. The added advantage being no requirement for tricky re-timing the rotors following maintenance procedure.

  • No slippage on product over 200 cP.
  • an extremely gentle and smooth pumping action,
  • the ability to handle viscous fluids of up to 200,000 cP,
  • No galling or seizing.
  • An increased priming capability.
  • Higher pressure capabilities.
  • No product ingress between rotor face and rotor case.

Why buy ECP pumps from AxFlow?

AxFlow have over 40 years’ experience with ECP pumps and throughout this time have been associated with the technology leading Waukesha Universal range of products. The Universal suite of ECP pumps is comprised of 5 separate ranges covering a wide performance range, seal types and constructions; this allows Axflow to offer the best technical and cost effective solution.

In addition to this Waukesha Universal ECP pumps have rotor wings manufactured to extremely close tolerances from non-galling Alloy W88 and are designed with no cavity between the rotors, as is the case with rotary lobe pumps, to allow the passage of fluid.

The way Waukesha ECP pumps are manufactured allows them to be refurbished using oversized rotors and slightly enlarged chambers to prolong their service life and do not suffer from the problem of timing slip as can often be experienced with rotary lobe pumps

AxFlow are experts at refurbishing ECP pumps from our technical pump repair centres spread across the UK.

  • AxFlow holds over 1,600 lobe & ECP pumps in stock which allows us to offer a reliable delivery on bare-shaft pumps of 2-3 days and new pump-sets of under 3 weeks.
  • To support our pumps in the field, AxFlow holds over 128,152 spare hygienic pump components and kits in stock available on a standard 2-3 or express 24-hour delivery.








Max Flow  m3/hr

Max bar

Max Viscosity

Seal Options

Universal 1

Hygienic ECP



200K cP


Universal 2

Hygienic ECP



200K cP


Universal 3

Hygienic ECP



200K cP


Universal 420/520

Hygienic ECP




200K cP

Very Low

Universal 5000






13.8 bar

50k cP


Rectangular Flange

Hygienic ECP



1 million cP



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