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Pump Repair

AxFlow are one of the leaders in pump repair services in the UK with service centres spread across the country equipped with an impressive array of engineering equipment and test facilities.

AxFlow is one of the UK's biggest pump repair companies.

Centrifugal Pump Repair which includes all types of process pump including ATEX pumps, ISO 5199 , mag drive and canned.

Positive Displacement Pump Repair area that AxFlow excels in due to our position as the leading supplier of positive displacement pumps in the UK.

Heritage Brand Pump Repair with over 25 years of experience, a fully equipped machine shop and the ability to remanufacture obsolete components.

Mechanical Seal Refurbishment supported by the latest measurement and lapping equipment.

Hygienic Pump Repair carried out in a dedicated clean room.

Submersible Pump Repair AxFlow have extensive experience of submersible pump repair including numerous examples of major infra structure assets.


AxFlow can carry out pump service work on site or, bring your pump to our local repair centre if required.

AxFlow can carry out pump installation for repaired pumps of any size.

We have over 50 years of pump refurbishment experience.

AxFlow are experts when it comes to all types of pump repair.


Pump Repair Centres around the country

Aberdeen - Durham - Huddersfield - Slough - Radstock

AxFlow are experience pump repairers and offer a full range of pump repair capabilities including in-house machining, Belzona coating, dynamic balancing, mechanical seal overhaul, metal spraying and fusion welded coatings, laser alignment, hygienic pump repair and positive displacement pump repair and the ability to re-engineer a wide range of pump components.

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Installation, Monitoring and Repair
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Centrifugal Pump Repair

AxFlow UK have been repairing centrifugal pumps for decades.

read more about centrifugal pump repair

Large Pump Repair

AxFlow have become one of the leading repairers of large pumps in the UK

read more about large pump repair

Positive Displacement Pump Repair

As the leading European supplier of positive displacement pumps we are experts in their repair

read more about positive displacement pump repair

Hygienic Pump Repair

AxFlow are one of the leading suppliers of hygienic pumps to the UK food and beverage industry.

read more about hygienic pump repair

Mechanical Seal Repair

AxFlow are experts at refurbishing all types of mechanical seal.

read more mechanical seal repair

Machining and Re-engineering

AxFlow boast an impressive array of engineering equipment spread across our 5 Service Centres. We have particular expertise in re creating

read more about machining and re-engineering

Wilden Pump Repair Service

AxFlow offer a professional and documented Wilden Pump Repair Service that only uses original Wilden spare parts.

Read more about Wilden pump repair service

Waukesha Pump Repair Services

AxFlow has created a standard one day pump training course with the flexibility to suit individual companies' requirements.

more about Waukesha pump repair service

Belzona Coating

Using the Belzona range of polymeric and elastomeric coatings we can offer a solution to most problems.

read more about belzona coating

Hydrostatic Pump Testing

AxFlow UK hydrostatically test all pump repairs.

read more about hydrostatic pump testing

Pump Repair Process

A brief outline of the journey a pump will take through our repair service. 

more about our pump repair process
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