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Process Homogenizers

Process Homogenisers

The Gaulin Mono-Block Design The Gaulin cylinder block for sanitary applications provides an in-line flow pattern and minimises the number of sealed areas. Top and front caps improve accessibility and simplify maintenance. Poppet valves for low-viscosity, moderately abrasive products, like ice cream mixes and dairy products, vegetable oils, and silicone emulsions. Ball valves, designed for high-viscosity, abrasive products including peanut butter, evaporated milk, wax emulsions lubricants and pigments. Aseptic Double-Packed Cylinders, engineered for aseptic processing and can also provide containment of fugitive emissions (compounds that are pathogenic, toxic, and radioactive flammable). The Rannie Three-Piece Valve Housing The Rannie cylinder block exemplifies engineering superiority and is well suited for both sanitary and industrial applications. The design allows for pressure segregation from the suction and discharge manifolds, reducing the possibility of breaking or cracking when adverse operating conditions are present or operating pressures exceed 600 bar. The Rannie homogeniser is well suited for ultra-high pressure or severe duty applications. It is also available in an aseptic design. The Rannie homogeniser incorporates both ball and poppet valves with no difference in capacity


Rannie homogenisers have an extensive range of build options available to them, ensuring a solution tailored for each specific application. Gaulin developed the first homogeniser in 1900 and introduced it at the World’s fair in Paris. Since then Gaulin machines have been market leaders for innovative homogenisation technologies. In 1972 APV, an SPX Flow brand, acquired Gaulin.

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