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Hidrostal Pumps

Hidrostal pumps Hidrostal spares Solids handling pumps

Hidrostal specialise in solids handling pumps

Hidrostal pumps are build around the unique hydraulic action of a Hidrostal impeller that delivers a long slow turn from the axial to the radial direction. This coupled with a large free passage provides a unique combination of hydraulic characteristics with a good hydraulic efficiency.

High Solids Handling Capability

The screw action of the impeller allows Hidrostal pumps to handle liquids with a very high solids content and particle sizes of up to 120 mm in diameter.

Low Shear

The long yet slow rotation of the screw/impeller results in a very low shear and delicate pumping action. This allows Hidrostal pumps to handle emulsions and food products such as peas and beans.


The nature of the screw impeller subjects the incoming liquid to a very gradual increase in pressure so that Hidrostal screw pumps require only minimal NPSH.


Compared to many other types of solids handling pumps, the low shear and closer tolerances on the external edges of the Hidrostal impeller mean that they are far more efficient.

Hidrostal Technical Literature