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For production managers

System thinking at AxFlow means benefits regardless of whether you are planning new processes or evaluating existing ones.

EXAMPLE OF OUR SYSTEMS CAPABILITIES: This dosing cabinet system is designed for use in waste water treatment plants. The cabinet contains metering pumps for ferrous chloride (FeCl2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). The pumps are controlled externally by a frequency converter and capacities range from 1 – 15 l/h at max. 10 bar. There is an integrated leakage bin, piping, pulsation dampeners, flow meters, pressure sustaining and relief valves, isolation and flush valves.

 Think big. Then think bigger.

Regarding the existing processes, which have often been developed and expanded over time, we look at the entire process and we locate any intolerances and suboptimal use of components and resources before an improved and comprehensive custom-built system manages the new features. Process improvements that result from system thinking are many and varied, the process can be improved in terms of capacity and quality. But there are also possible savings, such as reduced waste, optimized energy use, reduced shutdown and easier cleaning and maintenance. How? Because each of these issues is taken into account from the outset and by focusing on the overall functionality of the system and its role in the entire production process.

A long-term investment.

With complete systems designed and installed by AxFlow, compatibility is guaranteed with your overall process, which benefits you both in the short and long term. A better ongoing process will also be more efficient, which means less wear and tear and operation. Complete design, construction, assembly and installation services, from a reliable source, provide secure, stable and profitable added value to your process.



  • Improved process
  • Reduced downtime
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Less waste
  • Greater flexibility
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Purposeful design, custom built
  • Tested before installation and commissioning
  • Fully compatible with your process