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Pumping Fuel

Navigating the intricacies of fuel transfer is essential for industries relying on precise and safe liquid handling. At AxFlow, we offer a versatile selection of pumps tailored to various fuel types, ensuring compliance with safety standards and addressing specific application needs.

Handling Fuel: Challenges and Solutions

Fuel transfer demands precision and safety, and AxFlow understands the complexities involved. With a diverse range of pumps, from vane pumps to self-priming options, tailored solutions are offered to meet specific fuel transfer needs.

Challenges in Pumping Fuel

  • Safety Compliance: All pumps for fuel transfer must have ATEX certification to ensure safe handling of hazardous substances.
  • Variability in Applications: Different fuel types necessitate pumps with varying flows, pressures, and pumping characteristics, requiring tailored solutions for each application.
  • Corrosion and Hazard Resistance: Fuel pumps must resist corrosion and handle hazardous fluids safely, emphasizing the need for specialized materials and designs.


  • Wide Pump Selection: AxFlow provides an extensive range of pumps suitable for fuel transfer, ensuring options that meet specific requirements.
  • Magnetic Drive Pumps: These pumps offer the ability to handle corrosive and hazardous fluids while requiring low maintenance. Their simple design ensures durability and longevity, providing a cost-effective solution for fuel pumping applications.

Fuel Types and Applications

  • Petrol: Used in automotive vehicles, motorcycles, and small engines.
  • Diesel: Commonly used in trucks, buses, ships, and various industrial machinery.
  • Jet Fuel: Essential for aviation, ensuring safe flights for commercial and military aircraft.
  • Biodiesel: An eco-friendly alternative made from renewable resources, used in diesel engines.
  • Gasoline: Utilized in engines for power generation, lawnmowers, and recreational vehicles.

AxFlow's expertise lies in addressing the unique challenges associated with each fuel type, providing reliable and safe pumping solutions for diverse applications in the fuel industry