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Pumping Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride poses significant challenges due to its highly corrosive nature, capable of deteriorating most metals, except Titanium. To combat these corrosive effects, specialized pumps made from Titanium or resistant technopolymers like polypropylene, PVDF, and ETFE are essential. AxFlow offers a range of pumps designed specifically to handle Ferric Chloride, ensuring efficient and secure operations in various industrial applications.

Challenges in Pumping Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride, a highly corrosive and dense liquid, poses significant challenges for pumps due to its ability to corrode most metals, including stainless steel. Titanium stands as the only alloy capable of resisting Ferric Chloride's corrosive nature. Additionally, specific technopolymers such as polypropylene, PVDF, and ETFE are vital materials for pump components when dealing with Ferric Chloride.

Handling Ferric Chloride

  • Corrosion Resistance: Ferric Chloride corrodes most metals, making it imperative to use materials like Titanium, polypropylene, PVDF, or ETFE.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Pumps must be made from materials that do not react with Ferric Chloride, ensuring the integrity of the pumping system.
  • Heavy Liquid Handling: Ferric Chloride's density requires pumps with robust construction capable of handling heavy liquids efficiently.

Applications of Ferric Chloride

  • Water Treatment: Ferric Chloride is widely used in water treatment processes, specifically in wastewater treatment plants for coagulation and flocculation.
  • Etching and Engraving: It serves as an essential chemical in the etching and engraving industry, creating intricate designs on various materials.
  • PCB Manufacturing: Ferric Chloride plays a key role in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing, aiding in the etching of copper layers.
  • Metal Surface Treatment: Industries use Ferric Chloride for metal surface treatment, improving adhesion for coatings and ensuring product longevity.

AxFlow provides a comprehensive range of pumps, including Titanium and various plastic-lined options, specifically designed to resist the challenges posed by Ferric Chloride. These solutions ensure efficient, reliable, and safe handling of this corrosive liquid in diverse industrial applications.

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