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Pumping Calcium Oxide

AxFlow are experts when it comes to handling the challenges of pumping calcium oxide come from its aggressive nature and the fact that its viscosity changes with temperature.

Challenges of Pumping Calcium Oxide

Calcium oxide, commonly known as quicklime or burnt lime, is a versatile chemical compound with various industrial applications. This white, caustic, alkaline, crystalline solid presents challenges in handling due to its aggressive nature and viscosity changes with temperature. Specialized pumps are required for safe and efficient pumping of calcium oxide. 

  • Aggressive nature: Calcium oxide is highly reactive and can cause corrosion, making material selection crucial for pumps.
  • Viscosity changes: Its viscosity varies with temperature, demanding precise pump design for consistent performance.

Examples of Calcium Oxide Applications

  1. Steel Making: Used to neutralize acidic oxides in the steel production process.
  2. Aerated Concrete Blocks: A key component in the production of lightweight and insulating concrete blocks.
  3. Glass Manufacturing: Utilized in the production of glass to modify its properties.
  4. Calcium Aluminate Cement: Important ingredient in specialized cements, known for its high-temperature resistance.
  5. Organic Chemicals: Used in various chemical processes for the synthesis of organic compounds.

AxFlow offers specialized pumps tailored for handling calcium oxide, ensuring efficient and safe operations in diverse industrial applications.

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