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Oil mills

The importance of the olive sector is crucial in certain areas of our geography and for the whole of our economy. AxFlow provides efficient and proven solutions.

The growing modernization of oil mills, the need to make it more profitable and compliance with the legislation in force, make it essential to use modern analyzers at the point of reception for better control of deliveries as well as to monitor at all times the possible losses of oil that may be caused during extraction.

The analyzers we sell offer the best price-quality ratio for effective control of oil losses, the fat yield of the olives and the quality of the oil.

AxFlow offers the most extensive experience in NIR analyzers for the olive sector. These analyzers provide the following benefits: immediacy of response, profitability and rapid amortization, multicomponent analysis, respect for the environment by not using reagents or organic solvents. 

AxFlow also contributes to the care of the olive grove and supervises and controls the nutrients of the olive tree as well as the maturity of the olive at all times.

Other important equipment in this sector is pumps and agitators and static mixers.

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