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I Joined AxFlow in July 2021, and am looking forward to my future at AxFlow. 

I studied Mechanical Engineering BEng at Oxford Brookes University with a year in industry placement. I graduated in 2019. Between graduating university and starting at AxFlow I worked as a technical sales engineer at an anti- vibration mount-manufacturing company in Slough.

My interview was conducted by Kam (my now manger), Emma (HR Manager) and a special appearance from Tony (Managing director). It was a very clear and positive interview with immense transparency of the history of the business and what the future holds for AxFlow. I joined the company 12th July a day after England’s loss at the Euros (a sad day to start such an exciting job).

From day one I received tremendous amounts of training in various forms, I believe I work in a very good team led by Kam, I’ve already attending some external training hosted by manufacturer Ebara, which was incredibly useful and also doubled up a  fantastic way to get to know the team in a slightly more informal setting.

When I started Emma and Diane( finance director) both said welcoming, words that really made me understand that I was in the right place especially for a successful career.  I enjoy the supportive atmosphere, the welcoming nature and the excellent environment that has built up over time.



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