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I have been a Systems Engineer/ Draughtsman at AxFlow since October 2017.

I have been working at AxFlow since October 2017. When starting at AxFlow I was a recent graduate from Portsmouth university, I graduated in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering. From a young age, I had an interest in how mechanical equipment runs;  how manufacturing processes and workflow is maintained efficiently within factories. 

Between graduating but before starting at AxFlow I undertook a range of jobs and did some traveling around South America. Firstly I worked for a company building super-conducting magnets for medical and industrial applications such as MRI machines. This involved using several different materials and numerous manufacturing methods to assemble the magnets before supercooling them using liquid hydrogen to boost performance. I am now able to incorporate the design, procurement/ manufacture, and assembly of multiple different units to form complete packages ready for bespoke industrial applications. 

Since starting at AxFlow I have always felt fully supported- There is always someone to lend an ear, offering wisdom and knowledge. I've always been encouraged and guided to take part in training, helping to aid my development. I visited my colleagues in Aberdeen for CAD/ 3Ddesign training alongside training on different products, equipment ranges, and appropriate documentation/ legislation training.  I have also recently taken part in supervisor training which has been a really eye-opening and invaluable experience, whilst allowing me one step closer to achieving my goal of a managerial position. 

Every day at AxFlow is different and brings up new challenges and ways of working I enjoy being able to see a project from start to finish, and looking after the contract until the end result is achieved. It's rewarding to see the end product after months of preparation and planning.

Everyone at AxFlow is very friendly and always ready to listen/help, there is always a jovial atmosphere.   

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