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High Viscosity Liquids

Thixotropic fluids that are thick, or viscous, under static conditions will become thin, and less viscous over time when shaken, agitated, sheared or stressed. 


The definition of viscosity changes from industry to industry, the viscosity of individual liquids generally changes with temperature.

Here are the typical maximum viscosties of most common pump types.

The secret to handling viscose fluids sucessfully is a wide range of pump types something that AxFlow has in abundance.These are supported by our UK and international expertise and ability to measure fluid viscosities with our rheometer.

We are also able to supply systems that incorporate mechanical pump feeders and bridge breakers.



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Viscosity Measurement

Using this our rheometer AxFlow can measure the viscosity of a liquid and produce a plot of a fluid's viscosity against various shear rates, shear stress and temperatures.

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