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Molasses & Syrup Transfer

Sugar based products can be hot or highly viscous and often sensitive to shear.

Sugar based products can be hot or highly viscous; when viscous we can offer circumferential piston, lobe, and eccentric rotating disc pumps many of which are angle fed and sealed in such a way as to cope with issues related to crystallisation.

Of these the Universal ECP pumps and twin screw pumps from Waukesha are probably the best due to their slow precise pumping action and hygienic designs.

AxFlows pumps can be fed via our Auger feeder systems when sugar based products such as molasses become exteremely viscous.


Series 6

Viscosity Measurement

Using this our rheometer AxFlow can measure the viscosity of a liquid and produce a plot of a fluid's viscosity against various shear rates, shear stress and temperatures.

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