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Product and CIP pumping

AxFlow offer the Universal TS series which will allow you to reduce capital equipment costs in product & CIP pumping

One Pump for Product & CIP Supply

The Universal TS series is a new and innovative positive displacement twin screw pump for hygienic applications. This precision pump offers a gentle flow and the ability to pump both product and CIP therefore reducing overall process costs considerably.

 Typical configuration for             product & CIP


Universal TS pump for       both product & CIP

With its high suction capability, the Universal TS series is both process and CIP capable, allowing you to reduce the number of pumps, valves, and control systems in your process. This will therefore allow you to make significant saving on your capital equipment costs.

The Universal Twin Screw delivers axial flow with gentle product handling and the ability to pump shear sensitive fluids with larger particulates in lower pressure applications. 

As the screws mesh together, they form multiple sets of “sealed cavities” which give the pump positive pressure capability to carry product from the inlet to the outlet in a smooth, consistent manner.

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