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Marine Pumps

AxFlow has a range of pumps for Marine and FPSO applications from a variety of different manufacture such as Wilden, Blackmer, Gruppo Aturia, SERO and Hermetic, and include several API ranges.

        Industrial Pumps for Marine Applications

Industrial pumps play a crucial role in the marine industry, enabling the efficient movement of fluids and maintaining various systems' performance on board ships and offshore platforms. Among the diverse range of pumps utilized, side channel pumps have gained prominence for their unique design and functionality. Side channel pumps are specifically designed to handle low-viscosity fluids with high pressure requirements, making them ideal for applications such as fuel transfer, lubrication, and hydraulic systems in marine vessels.


Side channel pumps have found significant application in LNG (liquefied natural gas) marine applications, playing a crucial role in the safe and efficient transfer of LNG on board vessels. These specialized pumps are specifically designed to handle low-viscosity fluids, making them ideal for LNG, which has a low viscosity at cryogenic temperatures.

Side channel pumps excel in providing the high-pressure capabilities required for LNG transfer, ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of the liquefied gas. They are utilized in various stages of LNG handling, including loading and unloading operations, fuel transfer between storage tanks, and LNG bunkering. With their robust construction and reliable performance, side channel pumps enable the safe and efficient transport of LNG, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the LNG marine industry while adhering to stringent safety standards.

Ethane Vessels

Side channel pumps are also extensively utilized in ethane liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and ethane vessel applications. Ethane, as a key component of LPG, requires efficient and reliable transfer during loading, unloading, and distribution processes. Side channel pumps excel in handling low-viscosity fluids like ethane, providing the necessary pressure and flow rate for smooth and efficient operations. These pumps are capable of maintaining a continuous and pulsation-free flow, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing productivity.

SERO HP Side Channel Pumps

Model SHP® is a new generation of SERO side channel pumps. The SHP® hydraulic remains focused on low flow applications, but now the SHP® is capable of producing heads upwards of 3500’ with a maximum allowable working pressure of 1450 psig (100bar).


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