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Seawater Lift Pumps

AxFlow represents both Gruppo Aturia and Finder pumps in the UK to offer the best range of seawater pump options.

Having teamed up with Gruppo Aturia who own Finder pumps, AxFlow UK is able to offer many types of vertical seawater lift pumps across the UK including semisubmersible multi-stage mixed flow and fully submersible multi-stage radial and mixed flow pumps. They are available in stainless steel, Duplex and Super Duplex materials, can be constructed to lengths well in excess of 50 metres, can be submerged upto 300 m deep and are both Factory Mutual and NFPA approved.


Lastly, we provide comprehensive and experienced support for the installation of the pumps in offshore applications.


AxFlows Gruppo Aturia Vertical Pumps cover a wide performance range:

LOW-FLOW (VABX) Vertical Multistage Turbine Pumps
MEDIUM-FLOW (VAB) Vertical Multistage Turbine Pumps
HIGH-FLOW (PAG) Mixed and Semi Axial Flow Vertical Pumps
LOW-HEAD (ELV) Vertical Propeller Pumps
HIGH-HEAD (TKV) Vertical Multistage Radial Pumps

Get in contact with our specialist team who can advise you on the ideal pump for your specific application.

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