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Pump Packages

AxFlow have been designing and building pump packages for over 50 years and specialise in chemical process pump packages, chemical injection systems and offshore pump skids.


AxFlow offer numerous different types of pump package AxFlow’s pump packages include various drive options such as pneumatic, electric, hydraulic motors or diesel engines. Axflow specialise in complete skid design, including pump selection, on skid pipework, manifold design, instrumentation, valves and process control. 


AxFlow pump skid packages are used for many different process requirements, including chemical injection, sea water filtration, fluid separation and treatment, effluent and sewage processing, cooling duties, product and chemical transfer, mud mixing, general sludge transfer and drain duties.

AxFlow’s skid packages can be configured for specific site specifications, space constraints, and power supplies and can also be fully ATEX compliant, meeting or exceeding client requirements.

Here are some recent pump packages and offshore pump skids that we've created.


Chemical Injection Package for Reverse Osmosis System comprising 4 pumpsets c/w tank and instrumentation, each configured duty and standby.

NGL Booster Pump with Plan 53B Seal Support System.


Hydracell Air Driven Pumpskid for Hydrocarbon Service.

Filtration Skid with Duty and Standby Coarse Water Filters.

API 675 Low Flow Deoiler Injection System with 3500 Ltr Stainless Steel Storage Tank.

H2S Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumpskid

Duty and Standby Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) High Pressure Pumpkid.

API 675 Air Drive Metering Pumpskid c/w Instrumentation and ESD Controls.


Demulsifer Pumpskids, each configured with Duty and Standby Pumps and instrumentation.

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