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Chicken Viscera Processing

01 October 2015


Waukesha Universal I ECP Pumps, Emulsifier,
Waukesha scraped surface heater.


Meat Processing



To recover every edible part of chicken carcasses for animal consumption within EU time limit regulations.



The process commences with offal and parts from the processing area being screened to remove loose water and fed into an emulsifier reception hopper where it is reduced to a slurry paste with a particle size of approximately 6mm.

From here it is moved via an intermediate vessel into a Waukesha Universal I external circumferential piston (ECP) emulsifier discharge pump which transfers the slurry to the top of a holding tank. Once the level in the holding tank has reached a pre-set level, a second Universal I pump feeds the paste through to scraped surface heat exchangers.

The system uses three scraped heat exchangers utilising a 30% glycol/water concentration at -8°C which is circulated around the system by a centrifugal pump.

Once the system has been started up, and the viscera feed pump has been running for 50 seconds the first heat exchanger starts, followed by the second and third at timed intervals. The end of the production cycle is marked by the discharge of the chilled paste into a chilled bulk storage tank. The time taken from offal entering the system to the finished paste being discharged into the bulk storage is 10 minutes.

Activation of the product recovery mode initiates pressurised water to push any residue product through the heat exchangers and into the chilled bulk storage tank.

The system also includes an automated wash-down CiP mode.