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Submersible borehole pump

27 September 2020

Lowara submersible borehole pump health and safety nightmare. 


To access the borehole pumps was a Health & Safety nightmare, one which put the engineers in harm’s way and a solution had to be found to negate the risks. As shown in Fig. 1

When analysing the risks we looked at access and falls from height.

Access: How do we prevent (future) unnecessary access removing the need for Confined Space Entry.

Solution: Raise the header pipework up to ground level. As shown in Fig. 2

This was achieved by installing new ductile iron pipework from the existing discharge connection rising vertically for the new header pipework to connect onto. Additional lengths were then installed on the pump pipework to accommodate the difference in length ensuring that the pumps remained at the same level within the bore.

Falls from Height: How do we prevent any possibility of accidents and negate the need for working with harnesses and safety lines.

Solution: This was achieved by installing a platform below the header pipework that had sufficient clearance around the pipe to allow the pumps to be removed without having to remove the grating, As shown in Fig, 3


This installation was completed by our engineers and has removed two major risks without impeding the pump performance.

The risks to persons working on these pumps have been reduced from high level to low level

The new epoxy coated ductile iron pipework, valves and stainless steel bolt sets will improve the longevity of the pipework protecting from future corrosion

The pumps can be easily accessed from ground level which improves not only the H&S element but also allows more frequent service inspections.

Costs have been reduced for all future service and inspection works by removing the need for Confined Space Entries and reduced removal timescales. 


Fig.1                                                 Fig. 2                                          Fig.3