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Fan coil upgrade project

02 March 2021

Fan coil upgarde, on two  business floors for the technological industry 

To upgrade the fan decks within the fan coil units on 2 floors - Ground Floor 12 FCUs + Second Floor 24 FCUs:

Old arrangement                                           New arrangement



To replace the existing 4 port valves with new free issue valves


  • Set up access equipment under the fan coil to be worked on.
  • Remove the ceiling tiles to gain access to the fan coil units.
  • Electrically isolate the fans at the fused spur and disconnect the wiring.
  • Unbolt and remove the fan deck from the fan coil unit and lower to the floor.
  • Drill out the fixings on the old fan assembly and discard the old fans.
  • Install new EBM Papst fans onto the deck, drilling and fixing into position.
  • Install the new wiring loom and secure onto the deck with sticky back cable ties allowing enough excess cable for the control engineers to connect into the new controllers.
  • Reinstall the modified fan deck back into the fan coil unit and secure.
  • Isolate the heating/cooling water at the local service valve.
  • Drain off any residual water from the pipework & 4 port valve.
  • Remove the 4 port control valve and discard.
  • Install the new free issued control valve and modify the copper pipework as necessary to accommodate the new valve.
  • Tighten all compression fittings and remove the water isolation to test the joints for leaks.



  • The office was manned which meant that all works had to be done out of hours.
  • Most of the office furniture was fixed position so special access equipment had to be used.
  • The ceiling tiles were old and brittle and had to be handled carefully to avoid damage.
  • Polythene sheeting had to be used to cover electrical office equipment to prevent dust and water damage whilst the works were being conducted.
  • Plastic sheeting was used on the floor to protect the carpets

All works including design and installation were conducted by Axflow personnel, The works were completed on time and to the planned program . There were no reported accidents or incidents to people or equipment for the duration of these works.



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