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Faulty twin head pump- technological industry Repair: Replacement

17 February 2021

Pump replacement of twin head pumps 

We received an enquiry for a repair of a faulty twin head variable temperature pump set as the current one has became faulty,  one pump head was  leaking and  therefore unable to run and the other was noisy when running.

The existing pump set was obsolete and the manufacturer was no longer in business so our proposal was to replace the pump set for a new one. We took the duties of the existing pump and selected another manufacturer’s pump to replace it, installed the pump, modified the pipework and reconnected to the existing electrical wiring. We then re-instated the pump back into service. 

A breakdown of what was done.

  • Carry out a full on site risk assessment.
  • Remove existing twin head pump
  • Modify the base to suit the new pump
  • Supply and install, twin head, inline pump
  • Modify the pipework as necessary to suit the new pump
  • Connect the new pump to the existing electrical wiring
  • Test run of pump to ensure maximum quality
  • Clear all associated waste from site.

Our experienced team chose to replace the existing pumps with a more efficient equivalent to the required duties. As this would reduce the amount of visits required by our engineers overall this was a more economically viable option.