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EHEDG Certified Pumps

AxFlow UK has serveral different types of pump with EHEDG Certification.


The Machinery Directive sets out very clearly the design considerations that need to be taken into account for a hygienically clean pump, but ultimately the manufacturer self certifies the pump so even if they meet the additional hygiene requirements formulated in the European Standard EN1672-2 there is no absolute guarantee that the pump is biologically safe.

Therefore, manufacturers can supplement the CE mark with certification EHEDG. The significant difference is that EHEDG certification goes into much more detail having different requirements for different applications, and actually test the product with respect to cleanability rather than just relying on a risk assessment meaning it is at the highest UK standard.


Using EHEDG certified pumps:

  • Reduces the chance of contamination.
  • Reduces the time spent cleaning them.
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