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Chemical metering pumps

Axflow has a wide range of chemical metering pumps suitable for the chemical industry. 

AxFlow and have sold chemical metering pumps in the UK for over 50 years. Becasue of our long history we have a wide range of chemical metering pumps with the capability to pump different levels of flow and accuracy.

AxFlow define metering pumps as those that do not experience any variation of volumetric performance over time and represent two world leading manufacturers of chemical meteriing pumps Pulsafeeder and OBL offering all types of chemical metering pumps including both mechanical diaphragm and hydraulic diaphragm models with oprions for API 675 units.

In addition to true metering pumps AxFlow also offer a range of dosing pumps for higher volumes and applications where accuracy  is not so important. Review of dosing and metering pumps.


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