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APV Pumps

AxFlow are the only official UK distributor for APV pumps

APV pumps reduce production costs, create a quieter working environment, bring reliability to the production process and ensure an improved quality end product.The APV sanitary pump range includes positive displacement, high efficiency centrifugal and self priming pumps.

APV Positive Displacement Pumps

The APV DW range of rotary positive displacement pumps is designed for a variety of hygienic and industrial applications. The pulse-free pumping action of the DW pump minimizes damage to particulates within the product.Thermal jackets can be fitted to facilitate the heating or cooling of the pump chamber before product entry. Rectangular inlets are available to improve inlet conditions for high viscosity fluidsand pressure relief valves can be provided to avoid over pressurization of th e pump.

The APV R Series pump line meets 3-A COP requirements and are known for easy disassembly and clean up equaling low maintenance costs. The R Series pumps are operating in thousands of applications in the food,beverage, brewing, meat, bakery, chemical and related industries and arealso known all over the world for their rugged, long-lasting design and efficient performance.


APV Centrifugal Pumps

The PUMA+ Range comprises 3 basic pump configurations offering heads up to 78 m, flow rates up to 135 m3/h, and system pressures up to 16 bar. The Puma Range is widely used in the brewery, distillery, food and dairy industries.

APV  W+ pumps ensure maximum efficiency and reduce noise and vibration levels to an absolute minimum. The W+ series consists of 17 standard models with pressure and flow capacities from 34 l/min to 1624 l/min and differential heads of up to 150 metres.The W+ pump and Ws+ are based on a unique hydraulic design that combines maximum efficiency with the highest sanitary standards. A critical design feature of the W+ is the APV brand patented spiral volute, which is positioned in the back plate of the pump. The volute increases efficiency and reduces turbulence,ensuring gentle product handling.

Waukesha positive displacement pumps



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