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APV Valves

APV are market leaders in hygienic valves. APV valves have been designed to meet customers' priorities of problem free product flow, safe separation of fluids and ease of maintenance and cleaning.

APV offers a comprehensive range of sanitary valves, including butterfly, single seat, and double seat valves. Additional specialty valves —-regulating, check, constant pressure and inline pressure relief valves are also available. APV valves are widely used in the brewing, beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical and dairy industries, including 3-A and USDA specific applications.

There are valves to suit every application, all offering optimum protection for the end product.

The complementary family of Delta CU control units is also available forthe APV valve product range. The Delta CU family consists of direct-wired,or Direct Connect units, and those compatible with a variety of wellknownfieldbus technology systems, including AS-interface®, Valve-NetDeviceNet™ and Valve-Net Profibus. APV Valve-Net products feature awide range of "on-board" intelligent functions for enhancing valve control, monitoring and maintenance scheduling.




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