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Inlet Stabilizer

Suppress hydraulic surge (water hammer) created by closing valves, back surge and pump start-up and stop.

  • Prolonged pump life and increased efficiency,
  • Reduced disruptions to process flow.

By accumulating liquid at the pump's inlet stabilizers improve suction lift and reduce flow variations. Whether a piston, plunger, air diaphragm, peristaltic, gear, or diaphragm metering pump, 

  • Protects pipes, valves, fittings, meters, and in-line instrumentation from destructive pulsations, surges, cavitation, thermal expansion, and water hammer.
  • Creates steady and continuous flow when dosing, blending or proportioning additives Ensures accuracy, longevity, and repeatability of in-line meters.
  • Enables uniform application of material in spraying and coating systems.
  • Reduces product agitation, foaming, splashing and degradation of product.
  • Provides liquid energy storage for emergency valve closure and other equipment shutdown *
  • Reduces overall energy cost with continuous flow, rather than start/ stop flow.
  • Operates as a reservoir for make-up fluid.

Wilden Team
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