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Leak Detector

Leak detectors can be applied to the pump exhaust and between the diaphragms for toxic liquids.

Reduced chemical spills. Eliminate atomised airborne toxins.

The Wilden® Wil-Gard™ III Diaphragm Monitoring System / Leak Detector for Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps detects diaphragm failure at the source: the primary diaphragm, not at the air chamber or the air exhaust as other systems do. This is accomplished by utilizing sensors located between PTFE primary diaphragms and back-up (containment) diaphragms within each side of the Wilden pump. When the sensors detect conductive fluid, an audible alarm, high brightness LED and an internal latching relay are activated while the back-up diaphragms offer containment. The relay gives you the ability to activate external components such as isolation valves or air shut-off valves.

The systems leads to an increase in containment, a reduction in fugitive emissions, and a reduction in down time and maintenance costs with 24-hour pump surveillance.

The Wil-gard III can be purchased as a factory installed option in the Wilden pump or as an accessory to be installed in existing pumps.

POWER REQUIREMENT: 100-250V AC, 50/60 Hz
INTERNAL LATCHING RELAY: Max. 2 Amps @ 250 Volts

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