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Level Sensors

High and low level sensors allows pump operation to be co-ordinated with the liquid levels in associated tanks.

  • Correct process flow.
  • Improved pump efficiency.

LC Level Sensors are designed for unsupervised, automatic ON/OFF operation of AODD pumps. They simply turn the pump on when the liquid level reaches a pre-set point and also turns the pump off when the liquid reaches a pre-set point. The controllers can be employed in applications where the pump is in a suction lift, flooded suction, or submerged condition.

Our float less non-electic level controls enable the LC Series to operate effectively in turbulent environments or where foam, sludge or solids are present. A two piece unit is avialable for deep sump applications or situations that require remote sensing.

The LC Series are intrinsically safe and can therefore be used in ATEX zones.

Wilden Team
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