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Soft Start - Filter Regulators

Filter regulators with a slow start up ensure water and particulate removal and avoid pump start-up damage.

Prolonged pump life, reduced maintenance costs and increased efficiency.


A compressed air treatment unit with a high degree of integration, that encompassed numerous pneumatic functions. In fact, it contains so many innovations that a single patent is not enough to safe guard it against imitation – three separate patent applications have been registered with a total of 39
claims. This unit is so innovative that it won the international novelty award at Fluidtrans Compomac.

A single high-performance valve on the main flow that handles all the functions from regulationto relief. It is controlled by a high-precision pilot regulator with controlled relief, in series with the manual on-off valve, the electric valve and the progressive actuator. Unification of the valve has led to a significant reduction in overall dimensions, enhanced capacity, precision and response speed.

No clearance is required above and below it to make adjustments or change the filter or other components. The actual space occupied is thus further reduced. It weighs slightly more than one kilo instead of the 4 to 8 kilos of conventional units

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