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Spill Stop

Eliminate liquid costly and dangerous spillages.


The fully pneumatic SPILLSTOP system safely captures leaked product and automatically shuts down failed pumps to eliminate costly product loss and prevent hazardous spills. Optional warning alarm and backup pump switchover further minimize system downtime for maximum productivity. Stop the spill before it happens.


Pneumatic spill stops both contain leaks from the pump exhaust to turn off the pump and can be configured to sound an alarm.

  • Compatible with sizes 1/4" to 4"
  • Fully pneumatic with no batteries or electrincal suppy required.
  • Optional warning alarm and backup pump switchover.
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Safe area and ATEX versions avaialble.

To increase effectiveness, equip your SPILLSTOP with:

  • an optional warning alarm whistle,
  • backup switch
  • and additional pump shutoff valves for multiple pumps or high suction tank applications.
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