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Alloy 88 Pumps

Alloy 88, non-galling waukesha 88 is exclusive to the  SPX Waukesha ranage. 

Alloy 88 is known as Waukesha 88, its  mostly made from nickel, but also includes tin, iron, bismuth and chromium materials. It solves the problem of galling of stainless steel materials, which are often used to combat corrosion-caused processing of aggressive foods and pharmaceuticals. It’s the standard rotor material for many Waukesha universal pumps.  The corrosion resistance is equal to AISI 300 stainless steel, however alloy 88 has limited resistance to certain aggressive chemicals. 

The non-galling rotors allow close operating clearances in the liquid end, providing low slip and minimum shear damage. The rotors will not gall or seize if they come in contact with the body or cover during operation.

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