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FDA Nitrile Rubber is sturdy enough to handle suction and discharge for food and dairy products. It withstands temperatures of -40°F to 212°F. FDA Nitrile is known for its high resistance to animal fat and vegetable oils. FDA Nitrile (Buna-N, NBR) is typically black or white in color.

Food-grade hoses allow for clean and secure transfer of liquid and dry bulk food materials. Since they contact food products, the hose material needs to be correct for the application to prevent foreign substances leaking into food products moving through them. This means that the hose must meet specific standards to prevent deterioration that could cause food quality, smell characteristics, purity, or taste issues.

What differs them from other hoses?

  • Non-toxic, non-metal construction: Plastics and rubbers offer inherent corrosion resistance, making them ideal for food and beverage operation equipment. Metal components, excluding stainless steel, are often susceptible to corrosion, contaminating food products.
  • Excellent durability: Food-grade hoses are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of food processing facilities (e.g., high temperatures, pressures, and abrasion).
  • Pressure capacity: Many food processing operations rely on maintaining various pressure conditions. There is a wide variety of food-grade hoses available on the market suited for use in vacuum and pneumatic applications.
  • Odorless/tasteless design: The food-grade hoses are designed not to add odors to products, contamination, or flavors to the conveyed material, nor does it absorb odors. This helps keep the taste and aroma of the final product intact.
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