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How to maintain circumferential piston pumps

There are four main areas that need consideration when it comes to maintaining the performance of an external circumferential piston pump.

  1. The tolerances in the pump chamber are critical as the pump’s ability to eliminate slippage and maintain a precise performance are extremely reliant on the close fit between the pistons and the chamber’s internal surfaces.
  2. The running speed and rotational consistency can be effected by damped or worn gears.
  3. The condition of the bearing should always be monitored as any defect in the bearings can result in a sudden and catastrophic pump failure due to the forces involved with many ECP applications.
  4. Perhaps more than most pumps, the mechanical seal should be regularly inspected in an ECP pump due to the nature of most ECP applications and the implications if there is any ingress of external contamination into the pumped product.

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