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How to select mixed flow pumps


Depending on the application and the type of liquid pumped, a range of materials can be selected:

• Cast iron
• Ductile cast iron
• Bronze
• Stainless steel
• (Super) duplex stainless steel

Shaft Seals and Bearings

The selection of shaft seals and bearings for the mixed flow pump depends on the operating conditions and composition of the medium being pumped.

General description 

Mixed-flow pumps are primarily supplied in the single-stage vertical configuration. However, horizontal and vertical designs are optional as well as two-stage design. Both the wet-pit design with suction bell and the dry-pit design with suction elbow are possible. 


  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Wet-pit or dry-pit design 
  • Single-stage or two-stage

How Mixed Flow pumps work

How to maintain Mixed Flow pumps



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