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Laser Alignment

AxFlow's laser alignment services for complete pump assemblies

Vibration caused by wear of impellers or misalignment of the rotating parts can be a big factor in early pump failures. AxFlow UK can balance rotating assemblies up to 1.5 tonnes to ISO 1940 G1.  As a minimum standard, we balance to G2.5 (maximum 2.5mm/s).

Laser shaft alignment provides faster, easier, and more accurate results. The laser beam remains level and produces a precise and uniform reference on all sorts of procedures such as motor shaft, motor coupling and bearing alignment.

Laser Shaft Alignment offers the following benefits:

  • Prolonged bearing life.
  • Reduced stress on couplings/reduced risk of overheating and breakage.
  • Reduced wear on seals/prevents contamination and lubricant leakage
  • Reduced friction/reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced noise/reduced vibration.
  • Increased machinery productivity.
  • Reduced replacement components and machinery downtime costs.


AxFlow have a team of site engineers that can carry out laser alignment anywhere in the UK. 



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